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"Heureusement, ton assistante te rappelle tout !"

Translation:Fortunately, your assistant reminds you of everything!

July 9, 2020



Fortunately your assistant reminds you ABOUT everything. If he reminds you OF everything it means that when you look at your assistant that brings others things into your memory.


"Of" is fine. It could have that alternate meaning that "about" cannot, but that doesn't mean "of" is wrong. In fact, the alternate meaning is a stretch with "everything" and a real stretch with a workplace assistant.


"ton assistant" should have been accepted! Stupid Duo!


no way I could have known if it was assistant or assistantE

both should be accepted


The "turtle" version gives the "-te" sound clearly. I can't hear it in the regular version. (I got it wrong because I didn't listen to the turtle version before submitting.)


I hear it in the female voice on my Mac at full speed. It's subtle, though, and I might not hear it if I didn't now know it's there. She's pausing slightly between assistante and te rappelle and I can hear the 't' on each side of that pause. The two consecutive 't' sounds make this one tough, though. She could exaggerate it more, but it would then be unnatural.

The hearts system makes things like this far more infuriating than they need be.


Both about and of work in standard English.


It could be a male assistant as well. Still not fixed. Negligent Duo!


Why is it not acceptable to say 'happily' as a synonym for fortunately?


I agree, strictly speaking, it should be 'about' not 'of'


Is "te tout rappelle" wrong?


Reminds you everything is acceptable English


"Fortunately, your assistant reminds you about everything" ??? In this context "of" and "about" have the same meaning.

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