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  5. "Een grijze muis."

"Een grijze muis."

Translation:A gray mouse.

August 6, 2014



Nice to see that the British English spelling "grey" is accepted! Well done team Dutch.


That's how is Canucks spell it too (....eh)


I've seen it spelled both ways in America.

  • 1654

Is it "grijze" instead of "grijs" because the rules given in the "Adjective Basics" lesson apply here ?


That's correct. See full explanation here in case you want to revise. :) Some examples:

  • de grijze muis
  • een grijze muis
  • de grijze muizen
  • grijze muizen

  • het grijze huis

  • een grijs huis
  • de grijze huizen
  • grijze huizen

Next to that it's interesting to note that Een grijze muis also is an idiom meaning someone really inconspicuous, really average.


"Eine graue Maus" has the same idiomatic meaning in German. (By the way, I suppose Hungarians also use this occasionally, although it sounds somewhat old-fashioned - perhaps we borrowed it from German...)

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