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"On trouve que Laura a beaucoup de style."

Translation:We think Laura has a lot of style.

July 9, 2020



I'm not a native English speaker - do people really say it this way? My answer is

We think Laura is very stylish

Not accepted


I am a native english speaker and i would say we think Laura is very stylish, a lot of style sounds definitely sounds odd


Yes, "We find/think that Laura has a lot of style" is a normal way to express it. "is very stylish" doesn't quite have the same meaning.


Also native speaker. I agree that "a lot of style" sounds odd... as you either are or you arent. It feels much more natural to say we think laura us very stylish. While correct, its not close enough to the literal translation.


As a native English speaker (USA), style and stylish have different connotations. So i confirm GraemeSarg's comment. Style applies broadly, while stylish applies only to appearance. In this case, both should be accepted.


As a native USA English speaker. There is a


I am an native English speaker and I think that "We thing that Laura is very stylish" should be accepted


As a native BritEng speaker, I don't see them as exactly synonymous.

"Having style" has much wider applicability than "being stylish".

"Having style" is about what you do and say (and to a certain extent, what you buy), whereas "being stylish" is pretty much limited to how you dress.


Isn't this section about dressing and clothing?


Could you say it that way: "We are thinking that laura has a lot of style"? I'm not a native speaker and wonder if my answer was really wrong or if Duolingo just didn't know it. :-)


"We think" is the usual English way to express this where the decision has already been made. Using "are thinking" suggests that you are still in the process.

Similarly, the French "trouve" actually means " to find" and you could grammatically say "We are finding that Laura..." instead of "We find that Laura...", but again it suggests that the finding is currently in progress.

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