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"Toivon, että tuo marja on herkullinen."

Translation:I hope that that berry is delicious.

July 9, 2020



Both thats are not needed


They are if its that berry and not this berry


Hi Lizla, your comment is not correct. I could say: -I hope this berry is delicious.- In this kind of sentence in English one often leaves out the connecting -that-.


That's true. Depending on the context, 'I hope that...' implies something different from 'I hope ...', but the subtlety often escapes non-native English speakers.


While the accepted translation is grammatically correct, having double "that" in a sentence may distract some readers.


I agree completely. They are teaching us "että", but then if I was writing something like that, I would definitely avoid having the same word, even if with a different meaning, used twice in a row. Would even prefer not to have that in one sentence. Maybe the creators can rephrase both sentences, like use "tämä marjä" instead. Or just drop että and one of the that's.


Can herkullinen mean tasty?


Would I have been marked wrong if I had translated this into more natural English and said "I hope that berry is delicious"? Duolingo does not seem to allow any creativity!!


Yes, you would have been marked wrong. Can say that with some authority, as that's exactly what I put and it wasn't accepted. Reported. As others have said, the extra "that" would usually be omitted in English ("that that" sounding clumsy).

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