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  5. "Ketä Anna rakastaa?"

"Ketä Anna rakastaa?"

Translation:Who does Anna love?

July 9, 2020



We lost that battle years ago. Recently, I heard a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper say "I" instead of "me".

Yes, Tom Welling. I mean you.


Yup, "she gave Anna and I a hug" and the likes are rampant, at least in the US media I follow.

I guess the kids are being taught that "Anna and I are going to the park" is more polite and correct than "me and Anna are going to the park" at school, and then fail to recognize an object when they see it?


Both are correct for this nowadays. Did you write whom and it was rejected? If yes, did you report it using the flag?


Are you saying "who" is wrong here?


Yes, "who" is wrong. The person is the object here; if the answer is her/him/them, the answer is "whom." "Whom do you love?" "Him."

Who loves her? / He does.

Whom does she love? / All of them.


Languages aren't static. The vast majority of native English speakers do not use whom and many English speaking school systems have dropped whom entirely (just as we previously dropped whither, whence, wherefore, and countless other words and constructs).

Both are correct. The only real argument I could see for insisting it be whom is to help clarify the kuka/ketä difference.


You and Zamlet can count yourself among those some grammarians Merriam-Webster mention disapproving of the use of "who" as the object of a verb: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/who.

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled programming: learning Finnish.


"whom" is still technically correct, and when I must choose a word button to press, the correct answer should still be offered as a choice.


If it's not, it should be! However, "whom" was not offered as an answer tile.


This is so great to be learning English at the same time as Finnish!! Some psychologists would call this displacement activity. But they should talk!


How to say "Who loves Anna?" ? Is it "Keta rakastaa Anna?" ?


If you mean to ask about some other person who loves Anna, then it would be Kuka rakastaa Annaa?, or if there are many of them then Ketkä rakastavat Annaa?.

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