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  5. "What size is this shirt?"

"What size is this shirt?"

Translation:Minkäkokoinen tämä paita on?

July 9, 2020



Minkä kokoinen on tämä paita should be accepted too since its also correct!

[deactivated user]

    "Minkäkokoinen on tämä paita" isn't really correct or it sounds odd, even though you'd be understood.


    I would use this in everyday language over the correct answer. The correct answer sounds somewhat wrong, very "booklanguage"

    [deactivated user]

      --I like book language. I like books.-- scrap that. I should get used to spoken language too. It is just hard if you don't live in Finland. For now, book language is all I have .....


      Should this be allowed? “mitä kokoa tämä paita on?”


      Yeah, thats more of the everyday language the original sounds really stiff and is book language so even tho its right not many native speakers would use it


      "minkä kokoinen" isn't really one word as far as i know but two. you wouldn't say "minkävärinen" either but "minkä värinen" so...

      basically what i'm saying is that questions aren't used in closed compounds like ever.


      As a Finn i agree. I just wrote that cause i think it sounds natural. In finnish they should really take it into consideration that we don't speak the same way we write formally. What's the point of learning a language if you end up not understanding others haha

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