"Elle s'attend à voir plein de poissons."

Translation:She expects to see a lot of fish.

July 9, 2020

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So "S'attendre" = to expect.....and Attendre = to wait........ Il s'attend à voir sa future femme dans la fête ...... he expects to see his future wife in the party.......... Il attend sa femme dans la fête... = he is waiting for his wife in the party


What a fascinating construction. "I expect to see" = "I wait for myself to see"


The 'à' following 'attendre; is very important in the construct' . It is what makes the context 'expect' SOMETHING... never SOMEONE! To expect someone is 'attendre + voir). To expect to see someone.


why do the hints only suggest waits/is waiting/is waiting for if this is not an acceptable answer?


The hints are just suggestions, they will be the same regardless of the context of the sentence so they're not always accurate.


in the audio, is there a way of distinguishing "elle s'attend" and "elles s'attendent"? I feel I should have been marked correct, but I can see that this would be a problem if I had been asked to translate from the English and given the same answer.

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    Shouldn't the d at the end be pronounced for the latter? Still a small difference and easy to miss.


    My dictionary does not give (plein) as meaning a lot of. Is my dictionary too small?


    ... and/or "fishes." (If that is okay with you.)


    ... if fishes were wishes, we’d all cast nets ...

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