"On a vu une cascade en marchant dans la montagne."

Translation:We saw a waterfall while walking in the mountains.

July 9, 2020

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Can anyone explain why it is plural translated but singular in French?


Je passe mes vacances (plural) à la montagne (singular). I spend my vacation (singular) in the mountains (plural). That's why the French hate to speak English.


And vice versa! :-)


At least un Quebec, they call it "des chutes". I rarely hear "une cascade" when talking about waterfalls

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"une cascade" is a little "chute" .... in French from France


On a vu une cascade en Marchant sur la montagne.....we saw a waterfall while walking on the mountains........ we can say walking in the jungle, walking in the park, but we say walking on the ground, walking on the mountains. that's my opinion.....


It's one of those strange idioms. It was probably modeled on "in the valley"/dans la vallée. I think we don't say "on the mountain" (definitely not "on the mountains", but maybe "over the mountains"?) so much because "mountain" or montagne come from a root meaning "towering over" or "projecting prominently", as you see it from below. Also from the outside it looks as if the mountain with its rough terrain, vegetation, and such swallows you . . .

The S on mountain must be some hangover from the genitive more like "in the mountain's"/"in that of the mountain" . . .


The hover hint translates 'marchent dans' as 'walking down', but this wasn't accepted in my answer. Is 'marchent dans' used as 'walking down' in some contexts or is the hint just wrong?


I think the hint is wrong. I don't know... Maybe "walking down the mountain" is descendre la montagne en marchant.


The software forces an incorrect English translation in my opinion. We don't walk in the mountains, we hike. Since I've noticed some phrases get skewed towards direct word-for-word translation, I suspected I would get "incorrect" the first time around if I used hiking instead of walking, and surely did. I hope this gets corrected.


The often confusing choice between 'dans vs à' is demonstrated here. Why is it not à la montagne but dans la montagne??? I am sure we have all seen DUO's sentences 'passer les vacances à la montagne'. One of the criteria for choosing especially re parks/places(mountains) etc.. is when you are being SPECIFIC. So 'we spent summer in the mountains' no indication of which mountains so 'à' But we were walking in these specific mountains with the waterfall.... so dans.

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