"Docteur, j'ai très mal à la gorge depuis hier."

Translation:Doctor, I have had a very sore throat since yesterday.

July 9, 2020

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I don't understand why this was marked wrong: "Doctor, I have a very sore throat since yesterday."


Even though the French is in present tense, the presence of "depuis" puts the English translation in present perfect. It is something that began in the past and continues in the present. See: https://french.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/how-you-use-depuis-since-for-with-le-present-and-not-le-passe-compose-prepositions-of-time


This literal translation to English is really very bad.

"I have had a very sore throat..?" Really? who talks like this?

"I have had a bad sore throat.." or "a nasty sore throat.." is much more acceptable.


I know lots of people who talk like that, including myself.

If it was a sore throat and not a very sore throat then I wouldn't be bothering a doctor with it.


do you consider 'a very sore throat' to be a good translation!


Duo I'm going to get sick beause of this sick sentence. You're responsible :((((((


I think Duo's translation DOES NOT address "j'ai eu" (I have had); "Docteur, j'ai eu très mal à la gorge depuis hier." Is this correct?


I remember reading in the Tips that whenever depuis is added to a sentence in the present tense, j'ai mal.., the tense changes to ?present perfect, have had.

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