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  5. "Olemme taas täällä."

"Olemme taas täällä."

Translation:We are back here again.

July 9, 2020



I am having trouble understanding why it is "we are back here again" instead of "we are here again" , is it because of when this would likely be used?


Why is not just "back again" accepted rather than "back here" (the expected answer)?


Back again [lit. takaisin taas] sounds like "we've returned" / "we're back", which would be "tulimme takaisin" / "olemme palanneet". This sentence however is more like ending up in a place one has just/recently been (like when walking in circles), or in a place where one frequently finds themselves in. It has kinda negative (or sarcastic) tone to it; "we're back here - AGAIN".


I still don't quite get the difference between täällä and tässä. Could you use both here? Or would it change the sentence's meaning?


"Täällä" means generally in this area, over here, so you might say it if you noticed buildings and parks etc. you had passed half an hour ago, maybe ones you'd seen across the street last time. You'd use "tässä" for an exact location, right here, so you'd use it if you realized you had been in that exact spot just a while ago. There isn't that big of a difference in this context, however, so I feel you could easily use both.


Why "We're here again" is not accepted? So annoying

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