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" Anteeksi, laskussa on virhe. Olen todella pahoillani. Pieni hetki!"

Translation:– Excuse me, there is a mistake in the check. – My deepest apologies. Just a moment!

July 9, 2020



I think check should be bill or account. Is check American?


Yes, in restaurants only, we call the bill a "check". For example if you want to ask the waiter to bring you the bill, you say "check, please." Basically we only say that regarding bills in restaurants... elsewhere, we call a bill a bill. It is an oddity (because in almost every other context, the thing you pay is a bill and a check is something different) but for a restaurant conversation it is 100% correct in American English.


Thanks for your responses, Kadaka Marja. I suppose this is the difference between a cheque and a check. Always check your bill!


Shouldn't "I am really sorry " be correct too?


Would "Olen todella pahoillinen" translate directly to "I am really sorry"? Duolingo has only done "My deepest apologies", but that seems less accurate to me. Clarify please?


I agree with those who would prefer ' I am really sorry'. That is what most people would say.


Absolutely. My deepest apologies is generally reserved for something more serious - like your bank loosing your life savings.


A mistake ON the check/bill, not IN it, right? Or is that a US English quirk?


Personally I have never heard "in". Only on.


Do the apologies really need to be "deepest" here? "My apologies" was marked incorrect.


Hi Koroptew. I agree it seems a bit "over the top" but the Finnish uses -todella pahoillani- and that also is a bit "over the top".

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