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" Paljonko kello on? Se on kaksitoista."

Translation:– What time is it? – It is twelve o'clock.

July 9, 2020



At least for an American, it seams like "What time is it?" would be more common. Twelve would be an acceptable response.


Same here (British), I naturally find myself clicking "What time is it?" before realising my mistake


"What time is it? It is twelve." should be accepted. Reported.


Agree. Also: What is the time? is a very natural (and correct) question in UK


I would certainly say "What's the time?", but expanding it to "What is the time?" sounds stilted. (Ancient UK English!)


There are different ways to ask and answer this but not enough words. It's confusing.


What time is it? Should be acceptable. The answer doesn't include o'clock. Kello on kaksitoista would be 12 o'clock, surely?


O' does not exist in isolation in english. So it's confusing for DL to offer it as a "word" choice in the app.

Clock (the machine) and o'clock, the time descriptor exist. O' does not. It like offering " 't " and " don " as choices when the desired translation is "don't"

Wrong. Please correct

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