"D'abord, mes frères liraient le mode d'emploi."

Translation:First, my brothers would read the user manual.

July 9, 2020

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Meanwhile in France, 'mode d'emploi' = instructions/instructions for use/directions for use. It is written on cans of fly spray, carpet cleaners etc. 'User manual' would be more likely to be 'manuel d'utilisation' or 'manuel de l'utilisateur'. It's not wrong but 'user manual' is a bit grand for that folded sheet of paper which comes with various gadgets and devices.


Same here in Canada, where all instructions and other information have to be in English and French on products that give them. I was really surprised to see mode d'emploi translated as "user manual" for BOTH reasons.


You often see "mode d'emploi" in the French part of multilingual user manuals in Europe, both the single sheet type and the booklet type.


In American English, it is known as a user's manual.


Agree - user's manual should be accepted.


Yeah, I tried that with "baby user's manual" but they marked it wrong.


"Mode d'emploi" means "method of use," otherwise known as, "the instructions," or, "instructions for use." The whole idea that this self-evidently simple French be pumped up into a full-fledged "user manual" is a bit over the top!


especially since French has a separate term for a "user manual": manuel d’utilisation or de l'utilisateur.


My answer was, "First, my brothers would read the user's manual.". I think my end we should be accepted.


This seems so unlikely - males, read, user manual, in one sentence. As a certain tennis player shouted "You cannot be SERIOUS".


Surement le phrase est 'Si seulement, d'abord, mes frères lisaient le mode d'emploi !'


How would you say "at first"?
At first, my brothers would read the user manual, but now they don't need to.


I would associate a 'user manual' with a thick set of instructions, so I offered 'instruction book' which was marked wrong.

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