More tips inside lesson - grammar and etc.

Hey all,

i would like to suggest adding more tips - specially grammar. (or is someone working on it already ?)

The community could redefine, correct and manage the tips (discuss about them).

It would help understand the thought process standing behind the lessons, and also help the people to learn and translate the web faster and better. There is many versions on which is the correct form, Duo could fix this.

5 years ago


Great idea! We'd like to add more grammar hints as well. Our science team is thinking of ways to improve the learning experience (this includes hints).

5 years ago
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Grammar hints are good, but please don't ever get rid of letting us figure out the grammar on our own first. I know it can be tough for some to struggle with that (having hints helps those), but I really enjoy figuring out the grammar on my own. If I figure it out myself, I won't forget it as quick as I would if just given the grammar info.

5 years ago
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