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"One day, it will be me who will lead this country!"

Translation:Un jour, ce sera moi qui dirigerai ce pays !

July 9, 2020



Is it dirigerai because of an implied je?


Yes, because of "moi" being the subject of the sentence. (Ok, actually qui is the subject but the qui refers back to moi).


Then this is where French and English grammar do not align (for the first time in my experience with Duo in 6 years). Qui in English is who which is definitely third person singular in English


As an example in english one would say " It's me who eats the cake" (third person verb) not "it's me who eat the cake" (first person verb). Are you certain that this is correct French?


It is I who eats the cake. French and English grammar align perfectly.


Also in Spanish, English and Italian the subject is still third person. It is me who leads the coutnryAlgun dia sere yo quien dirigirá la nacion Un giorno saró io qui dirigerá la nazione


According with your examples (and my own opinion), in Spanish and Italian, it is the first verb that is first person whereas the second one is third person. Algún día SERÉ (1) yo quien DIRIGIRÁ (3) la nación. Un giorno SARÓ (1) io chi DIRIGERÀ (3) la nazione. It is surprising that in French it is just the oposite. Un jour ce sera (3) moi qui dirigerai (1) le pays. I don't know if it is right or wrong but I can't help finding it strange to my ears.


it's a moot point


How do you know whether to use ce or il


Here it is "ce" because "ce sera" is the future form of "c'est".


And it is only "ce" that is used with être verbs, as I understand.


In English it is certainly third person


How do you know that? I mean, if the sentence wasn't in future but in present, which would be the right one:

  • Now, it is (3) me who lead (1) the country Or

  • now, it is me (3) who leads (3) the country.

Thanks for any help


Neither of those are correct grammar. It would be "Now, it is I who leads the country". "Who" is the subject of the conjugation of "to lead". Otherwise, you'd have to use "whom".


Similarly, Neither of those IS


Thanks, waakak, everything is clear now. Well, almost everythink

It is me / versus / It is I.

I understand your point: "Me", here, is not un object, because of the "to be" verb. Then, it should be be "I", instead

Nevertheless, I my view it is neither an object nor a subject, but a "predicado" Sorry, I don't know the English translation for "predicado". It is the stuff that works together with the verb "to be" In this case, "I" or "me"

Well, this is just my feelling, and it is based in French and Spanish Grammars , So I'm conscious that I may be complety wrong! Besides, English speaking people don't seem.to agree one with each other, as we can see on these chats.! That's why I can't help having doubts.

Thanks again waakak for your help


The second sentence is correct english - who leads


Thank you, marylanes!



Un jour, ça sera moi qui dirigerai ce pays !


Please please be kind enough to tell me why " ...ce qui..." won't work !!!

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