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  5. "I am growing!"

"I am growing!"

Translation:Minä kasvan!

July 9, 2020



Is "minä on kasva" also valid?


No, that would be "I is gro" with "gro" being a form of "grow" which does not even exist.


Is 'Minä olen kaswan' valid?


This is one of those cases where a word-for-word translation is not possible due to the structural differences between the source language and the target language. English uses an auxiliary verb and an -ing ending for the main verb to create a verb phrase in progressive aspect, but Finnish does not have a progressive aspect. Therefore "I am growing" and "I grow" both translate to "minä kasvan".


@BenjaminForster: Then it would be "minä olen .." anyhow; but why even consider a literal word by word translation? "Kasva" already is a (wrong) conjugation of the verb.


"Kasva!" would be the imperative. :) You are ordering someone or something to grow.


Terve! I tried answering this question with "Olen kasvan" instead of "Minä kasvan" and was tagged incorrect. Can anyone give me a tip on when to use "Minä" or "Olen" properly? I still get a bit confused on the usage of those words. Kiitos!


That's two finite verbs within the same clause, which isn't grammatical in Finnish nor English. It's like saying "He is grows". Also, see my other comment above. The only thing that "minä" and "olen" have in common is singular 1st person perspective because "minä" is a singular 1st first person pronoun whereas "olen" is a singular 1st person verb. Consequently, 1st and 2nd person pronouns can be omitted when they are connected to a 1st or 2nd person verb, since their meaning is already expressed by the verb. The same does not apply to third person verbs because they don't only refer to third person pronouns since they can also refer to any nouns, so omitting the subject of a third person verb would create ambiguity.

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