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"Chan eil iad ag iarraidh not."

Translation:They do not want two pounds.

July 9, 2020



Is 'not' specifically pounds, or money in general?


The "iad" is a little indistinct until you've seen the answer


Agreed, i thought it was "chan eil e"


I love this fast speaker. I mean - I hate it, but it pushes me a lot and that's a good thing. She's really hard to follow, I usually have to play it multiple times. But that's good because it's getting me to where I feel more confident that I could handle a real native speaker.


I struggled with the volume on the audio. I had to turn the volume all the way up but it was still really difficult to make out.


They are not wanting is not the correct use. It should be they do not want, not wanting


Why doesn't "not" have lenition (I think it's what you call it)? Isn't it two? I don't get it... D,:

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