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  5. "Minulla on hauskaa Norjassa."

"Minulla on hauskaa Norjassa."

Translation:I am having fun in Norway.

July 9, 2020



why not I have fun in Norway.


It's correct, all alternative translations are just not yet accepted. You should report these kinds of mistakes so the moderators see them!


You took the legs out of my mouth... ;-)


What does it mean?


The proper way to say "you said something I was just about to say" is "veit sanat suustani" = you took the words out of my mouth. For some reason, it's been bent into "veit jalat suustani" = you took the legs/feet out of my mouth.


Oh wow. From now on this is my favourite thing I've learned on Duolingo Finnish course. Thamks.


I wonder if it's related to the concept in English of "open mouth, insert foot?" That is, to say something embarrassing, tone-deaf, tactless, or just merely incorrect. Prince Phillip of England was notorious for such verbal blunders, but kept a reasonably good sense of humor about it. He coined the term "dontopedology" the science of opening one's mouth and putting one's foot in it.

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