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"Onko tuo tumma leipä pehmeää?"

Translation:Is that dark bread soft?

July 9, 2020



:DD Well, the most delicious stage of "Oululaisen Jälkiuunileipä" is when it gets a little bit dry and hard. :9

(The proper) Finnish rye bread is another concept of its own and different from just any "dark bread" (which can even be soft toast; pehmeää paahtoleipää). Kunnon ruisleipää sen olla pitää! B)


Why is there double ä on pehmeää but not on leipä?


Imagine the sentence in the affirmative instead of a question "Tuo tumma leipä on pehmeää" so when converting to a question, it means only what would come after the verb is in the partitive (the extra - a/ - ä)

Not sure if this has any "official" rule, but that's how I think about it, at least


Also a bit later I also realized that if "tumma" and "leipä" were also "tummaa" and "leipä" it would probably have a different meaning - Instead of "Is that dark breaf soft?" it would be more "Is that a soft dark bread?" or something like that

(although then maybe the adjectives order would change??) - then again I'm not sure -

but I'm imagining it as "Tuo on tummaa leipää pehmeää"


I don't think pehmeää could be at the end then. I'm not sure if it would go before or after tummaa.

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