"Ce soir, nous mangerons les restes du déjeuner."

Translation:Tonight, we will eat the leftovers from lunch.

July 9, 2020

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I thought 'soir' also meant' evening'?


"Tonight, we eat the leftovers from lunch" should be accepted as well. The future is implied, and many people talk like this.


You have a point (this has caught me out many times), but Duo is probably right to be strict about this, since it needs to make sure you have the tenses down.


In many French speaking countries, such as Belgium and Switzerland, "déjeuner" means breakfast. Just wondering if it were possible to add "Tonight, we will eat the leftovers from breakfast" as another solution.


Les Québécois as well use "le déjeuner" for breakfast (along with "le dîner" for lunch, and le "souper" for dinner/supper). But I think the Duolingo course means to teach us standard, "France" French, and that makes sense to me. Maybe throwing in all the regional variations would just add confusion?


Where is the female voice? Please bring her back.


Can you say the lunch leftovers?


"This evening we will eat the lunch ledtovers" seems good to me, but was rejected. Reported.

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