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" Puhutko venäjää? Puhun, mutta vain vähän."

Translation:– Do you speak Russian? – Yes, but just a bit.

July 9, 2020



would "do you speak russian, yes, but only a little" be acceptable?


Sounds more natural in English. Report when you see things like this, so it gets added

[deactivated user]


    "Do you speak Russian? I do, but just a bit" needs to be added. Not like "puhun" is actually "yes" anyway.... And I agree with the other comment, "only/just a little" should be added too, it sounds more natural in English. Reported


    It would help a lot to differentiate the question and answer if there were a little pause between them.


    Why don't accept "yes i do but just a bit"?


    'I speak it but only a little' was not accepted. This is what I would say rather than the suggested translation and I suggest that it is also a more literal translation


    what about "do you speak russian i can speak but only a little"

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