"Ces sœurs jumelles s'habillent de la même façon."

Translation:These twin sisters dress in the same way.

July 9, 2020

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I just realized that "jumelles" also translates as "binoculars"–and is in the title of one of my favorite TV shows, Pass-moi les jumelles



These twins sisters dress the same way. Accepted :)


"...same style" not accepted


"in the same fashion" not accepted.


Does the French mean they dress in the same manner, with similar tastes, or that they dress alike each day? It used to be common in the US for parents to dress identical twins in matching outfits until the kids got old enough to rebel.

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    Not sure what Duo is going for here, but "dress alike" is rejected.


    Socks first or vests?


    If the word "jumelles" is used, don't they HAVE to be sisters? If they were fraternal twins and one were a boy, wouldn't the word "jumeaux" be used?


    it does say 'twin sisters'


    Yes, I know. I’m just wondering whether the word “jumelles” already means “twin sisters.”


    I am kinda smiling because I am thinking you are getting caught in a 'what am i thinking' moment and now have me doing it too. As you said..jumelles 'already mean' 'twin sisters' or 'twin girls' who of course would be sisters. SO in english to accurately translate you have to say 'twin SISTERS( without being redundant) .. :)..unless they were in eyesight and 'twins' would do.


    Exactly! And I didn’t intend for my question to sound snarky. I probably use tons of redundancies in my own writing.


    Your question was not snarky. Nor was my answer meant to say that or be snarky itself. I was amused at how we both got a liitle twisted around because normally we would simply say 'twins' in english or twin girls/boys.

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