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"Älykäs kissa puhuu vain ranskaa."

Translation:The intelligent cat only speaks French.

July 9, 2020



ei kukaan:

älykäs kissa: "miaou"


Not a very intelligent cat i guess


Maybe it's just really good at maths, though?


Maybe the cat understands many languages but refuses to speak in any but French.


There is that French speaking kitty again.


A really smart cat would be multilingual


But cats are stubborn... It probably refuses to speak all those other languages it knows.


Why is clever not accepted?


Well, now I know why I don't understand what are my cats talking about


The intelligent cat speaks only french should work as well


Yes, that's one of the accepted options.


It sings in other languages


My cat can speak japanese so...


..should be ..only speaks french


This makes no sense a cat speaking french


In principle, cats should speak egyptian. But they just keep mumm(y)


What does the cat have against it's mother tongue.


Please drop the cutesy shit about cat speaking French on Norwegian and so on. I still have trouble understanding some of your audio and I really do not appreciate having to plow through such nonsense trying to understand what the hell you migh possibly mean. I do not appreciate having to give up and take the error just so you can tell me that it was about some ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ cat speaking ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ French! It isn't helpful or funny! It is damned annoying so just stop it! I don't beleve that I willever have occasion to deal with such assinine claptrap in the future. The only solution seems to be to push the button to say that I can't listen now. Then I can easily look up this stupid crap.


With the utmost respect to the team who put together this course. I don't think these sorts of "funny references" don't belong in a language course, they're frustrating and make you second guess your own answers. Combined with the hundreds of issues in this short course, it devalues the overall offering.


I think the point of sentences like this is so you can see which part of the sentences make the meanings so when you use/see them in everyday contexts you can more easily recognise what effect they're having. It's not something you've seen anywhere else so you need to construct them from bits you already know.


When, in this life, do you imagine that you will ever need to talk about a cat speaking Frenck?


Making it funny increases a chance that you might remember the sentence, as it's so odd. Meaning you should then know how to construct a more useful sentence? It's all about figuring things out for yourself. No one's forcing you to use the course, but all the courses have silly sentences, it's how Duolingo works


I agee with you It is very nonsensical sentence

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