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"Personne n'a mis la table alors on ne mange pas."

Translation:No one set the table, so we aren't eating.

July 9, 2020



an ['s] word block is provided, but "No one's set" (i.e. no one has set) is marked as incorrect - I'd say "No one has set..." is arguably a better translation of this phrase than "No one set..."


Are you British? British people use the present perfect tense a lot. Americans use it too, but more often use the simple past tense.

Both are correct for passé composé tense, according to context. Duo often accepts both, but in this brand new lesson some variations haven't been added yet. It would be helpful if you reported it within the lesson so the writers can see it. They'll get everything squared away within a few weeks. Enjoy your lessons!


British people are more likely to say "no one has laid the table" - we use "lay" instead of "set". I'm not saying all Brits say that, of course, but I can be pretty sure all of us would know what it means. Obviously, we have numerous dialects and so there are probably a load of ways of saying it, and undoubtedly some will seem quite bizarre to the rest of us :D

Thanks for the info on the tenses though. DL seems to change its mind so often that I lose track ;)


I'd report it if I were you. They do add possible translations. It'll probably take months but you could be doing future students (or yourself in a revision exercise) a favour. They'll even email you to tell you when it's accepted.


i have always said lay the table. may be a uk phrase. i dont recall people saying set the table. the usual smutty joke results in put the cutlery in the table not set.


I always say "made the table" but that isn't accepted


as the French don't always use "to be able" where Eng speakers do, one acceptable translation should be "...so we can't eat"


Why is "No one has set the table so we are not eating" not accepted? It seems more correct than the version with "No one set."


« No one has set the table so we are not eating » is on the list of accepted translations. You may have overlooked a mistake in your answer.

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