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"Pourquoi personne ne m'aide à mettre la table ?"

Translation:Why is no one helping me set the table?

July 9, 2020



My answer "Why no one is helping me to set the table?" was rejected.

Duo is very particular about the placement of two parts of a verb, in his exercise as well as in the the one just
before this one.

I am not a native English speaker but I would have thought that it is better to keep the two parts of a verb together such as in my answer.

Any thoughts?

Correction, I think I found the answer. In this interrogative sentence, is should follow the interrogative word why. The same in French, Pourquoi est-il...?

Am I correct?


Because that's not how English grammar works. You always inverse the subject and the auxiliary verb in a question. There is also the 'to' between 'help' and 'set'. Help is one of the few exceptions that don't normally need a 'to' between itself and the infinitive that follows it.


Yes. Begin with Why is ...


A mon avis, une forme française plus correcte serait 'Pourquoi personne ne m'aide-t-il à mettre la table ?'


I have a question regarding the preposition "à" in this sentence. Is the "à" required by the verb aider or by the verb mettre? Thanks.


Jeff406235 : I think, yes, 'à' is required, but when 'aider' or 'mettre' are followed by an infinitive. Examples: "Personne ne m'aide à mettre (infinitive) la table" or "Dans un quart d'heure, je me mettrai à travailler (infinitive)". Here, 'mettre' is not followed by an infinitive (la table is a noun), then 'à' is not required. Hope it helps.


On peut dire faire la table?


NimrodKapon Plus: A mon humble avis, "Faire la table" est du français correct, mais impliquerait que vous êtes le menuisier qui construit la table, pas la personne qui la met / dresse.


"why does no-one help me set the table" is marked wrong. Eh?


Why doesn't anyone help me by setting the table? Marked wrong


IMHO "by setting the table" would mean that you want someone to help by setting the table on their own, leaving you free to do something else. The question implies something different - that you want someone to help you to set the table - ie. to share the task so you do it together. Does that make sense?


Why doesn't anyone help me set the table? Was correct.


Yes, thanks. My alternate also worked: Why doesn't anyone help me set the table?


Why isn't anyone helping....?

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