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"Grillaan, koska heillä on nälkä."

Translation:I am barbecuing because they are hungry.

July 9, 2020



I am grilling is given a one of the translations when you touch the word but not accepted as correct. It should be


Im starting to understand why Finns don't know the difference between grilling and barbecuing

[deactivated user]

    What's the difference (I'm Irish) but I lived in Finland for 16 years and a Finnish grilli is just a barbecue, no difference


    Barbecue from Alton Brown,

    "Historians and etymologists and culinary anthropologists and the like generally hold that “barbecue” evolved from barbacoa, which roughly translated from several old Caribbean dialects means “a rack made of sticks,” which could be used for a wide array of purposes including cooking. Now if one is going to cook on sticks, which are composed of a flammable material (wood) one would want to keep one’s barbacoa well away from the fire doing the cooking. This means that the food would cook slowly and there would probably be a fair amount of exposure to smoke. Whether or not the pirates and privateers that roamed the Caribbean randomly capturing and cooking wild pigs became known as “buccaneers” due to their savvy with barbacoas, I refuse to speculate, but I totally buy that slow cooking over a smoldering fire pretty much defines the “barbecue” process whether sticks are used or not."

    Grilling, will be something that happens on a grill over direct heat (gas, electricity, charcoal etc.)

    Unfortunately, there is also the idea of 'having a barbecue' which in my experience is generally related to the idea of having an outdoor party where either grilled food, or barbecued food is consumed.

    [deactivated user]

      Very cool history indeed. However Finnish and the fins are rather pragmatic and the use of grilli is simply contextual to either cooking on an open fire or barbecue grill for the usual cases or it can be also used a litera translation to grill something on an oven grill (uuni)

      In my long Finnish language journey of the 16+ years of living here it's helpful to remember that sometimes there is either no literal translation or it's largely contextual.

      So in this case grilli is a barbecue if it's an actual barbecue as this is merely the word used to describe not only the noun but also too the verb!

      It does hurt my head sometimes


      I agree that this is a rather useless and intentionally silly debate, however I feel that the default should be to call it what it is ie, "I am grilling because I am hungry."


      Yes I agree. Seeing as we don't know the context grilling must be correct here


      Grilling is cooking using radiated heat, barbecuing is having a gathering where grilled food is prepared and consumed.


      You know, now you mention it, I suspect that grilling is heat source above the food, and barbecue is heat source below. That is how it is in practice. Any thoughts?


      its really annoying when the same words are presented diggerently . earlier it was doing a barbecue and now it is barbecuing


      I'm having a barbecue ...not accepted...


      In the UK we use the words interchangeably but are more likely to use 'to grill'


      I got it wrong because I used contractions (ie I'm and they're) -.- they should fix that


      Adding to the comments above, there IS a difference between grilling and barbecuing. In USA English, the words are often used interchangeably, even though it is not technically correct. The translation for grillata is definitely "to grill." In short, both "grilling" and "barbecuing" should be accepted. I reported, oct 2021. :)


      I was stumped because the word was illan in the sound sample. I listened carefully and could only rely on the claim that the selling is entirely phonetic. Well, it isn't if you can't hear the gr. I'm telling you that some of these sound files are clipped at the start.

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