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"Do we have any soda pop left?"

Translation:Onko meillä vielä limonadia?

July 9, 2020



The pronunciation of limonadia is wrong. It sounds like limoneidia, instead of limonadia.


You can shorten the "limonadi" into "limsa" or "limu" for example.

I tried it here and duo accepted: "Onko meillä vielä limsaa?"

"Limonadi" may be the correct way to type it but nobody really uses it when speaking.


Why "Onko meillä vielä limonadia?" and not "Onko meillä limonadia vielä?" I realize it may be still correct due to word order not being strict, but would this word order sound weird or is there a more glaring issue?


No, it wouldn't sound that weird, I've probably asked my wife (or when younger, parents/siblings) that. It's not the usual order though.


Literal translation is "do we still have soda pop?", and words like still, again, already, go after the verb, which in this case is "meillä". (I hope I've got this correct, as I'm still learning.)


My personal version of a literal translation would be this: "Is (+ question-particle) on us still (some) soda pop?" Sounds strange, I know :).

I'm not sure about the word order (ask the Finns :)), but the verb here is „on“. „Meillä“ is „me + adessive case“, literally meaning „on us“ (look here: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/syntax/sentence-types/possession-having-something or in the tips-section of the lesson „home 1“). Hope that helped a bit.


"Onko meillä limonadia jäljellä" was wrong. It should be right.


Onko meillä enää limonadia should've been accepted

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