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  5. "Oh, the wrong museum."

"Oh, the wrong museum."

Translation:Oho, väärä museo.

July 9, 2020



Did not accept "Voi, väärä museo".


Why väärä (not väärin)?


Väärä is an adjective and väärin is an adverb. That may not be very helpful because English uses adjectives and adverbs a little bit differently, but basically, before a noun, you can only use väärä.

väära museo = the wrong museum
väärin museo

After olla (to be), you can use either one, but the meaning is a bit different. Väärä refers to the wrong entity of something previously mentioned. Väärin indicates that something is incorrect in its content.

Rakennus on väära. = The building is the wrong one.
Vastaus on väärin. = The answer is wrong.


Should be ”oh, this is the wrong museum”

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