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  5. "Why is this place so quiet?"

"Why is this place so quiet?"

Translation:Miksi tämä paikka on niin hiljainen?

July 9, 2020



I am confused by the placement of "on" in this sentence.


Someone just wrote in another thread that questions starting with a question word (such as miksi) keep the normal word order of a statement, and that seems to be true...


Hiljaa should also be accepted as it was included in the hint


Nope, those hints don't work like that. They are merely like items in a dictionary, giving different translations, only some of which will be appropriate for a given sentence.

A place can't be hiljaa, as it isn't alive.

Hiljainen tuuli (A light breeze) can puhaltaa hiljaa (blow gently), but then it's an adverb, not an adjective.


We usually don't say "hiljaa" about places, only "hiljainen" as it's an adjective. "Hiljaa" is an adverb and can also be translated as "quietly".

  • Minä olen hiljaa. = "I am quiet." as in not talking nor making sounds.
  • Minä olen hiljainen. = "I am quiet." as in not that talkative (right now or overall, depending on the context).

///Edit: I was late.


Is "miksi täällä on niin hiljainen" viable Finnish?


No, it would have to be hiljaista.

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