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  5. "Tuossa on sieni."

"Tuossa on sieni."

Translation:There is a mushroom right there.

July 9, 2020



I feel the English translation a bit superfluous. Maybe "There is a mushroom." would be better.


My preference would be the middle ground: "There is a mushroom there."

Your sentence is more akin to "Sieni on", unless you somehow know to stress "there". That would be quite an avantgarde sentence, even for Duolingo...


You are right. Without stressing the "there" part my suggestion wouldn't be any better.


I think that a better translation would be "Right there is a mushroom", since Finnish has "tuossa" (right there) and "tuolla" (over there). Otherwise when learners will see "tuolla" they would be confused about the difference.


We are confused either way. Now in both languages. :) "Right there is a mushroom" is acceptable, but the word order is a bit unnatural for everyday English, sounds poetic, most people wouldn't think to write such translation.


"There is a mushroom" should be accepted, as there is already implies that "right there" part in English.


It could also imply "over there" since Finnish has "tuossa" (right there) and "tuolla" (over there). I think "Right there is a mushroom" would be accurate enough and less redundant.


Yes, the English translation is superfluous.....right there at the end of the translation just doesn't make sense. (It might if one were pointing it out.) There is a mushroom should be accepted, translation with {right there} should be offered as another correct solution


Yes, there are many translations that should be accepted. I am of Finnish heritage. the Finnish language was spoken all during my childhood. I am just catching up with the language. As new vocabulary is introduced more and more words are familar. Putting some Finnish translations into writing is my challenge. ie like the mushroom debackle. (That is not the only debackle, there are many others, in my opinion.)


This is very American English. We definitely talk like this often, especially where I live! But "there is a mushroom" should also be accepted in English.


Another observation because I have gone through this lesson several times to study the vocabulary from a phonetics point of reference. I am curious about word origins such as the Finnish word for Pearl or pearls...? The only word that comes to mind from the neighboring language cultures is the name Helmut...as in Helmut Kohl...Western German Chancellor? What other origins of the word h e l m i are recorded in other root languages? Vinn Howard Beazell vhbeazel at geewhiz mail dotcom or a link or explanation as to how to submit obsevations to The Finnish language translators and Developers at Duolingo? Our LinkedInn_Forums director for ComoSay...Logistics... for education in NativeLanguage studies.


How would I translate: "That one has a mushroom" ??

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