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  5. "Minä puhun viroa."

"Minä puhun viroa."

Translation:I speak Estonian.

July 9, 2020



Viroa gets mentioned a lot in our lessons, yet Norjan or Ruotsin haven't even been introduced. Why is Duo so crazy about Estonian?


Norja and Ruotsi are in many lessons, they're just introduced a bit later. The reason for mentioning Viro so early on is that Estonia is not only one of Finland's neighbors, it's also the language that is closest to Finnish. Sweden and Norway are near Finland but their languages are not related to Finnish. That gives Viro special status here. :-)


kiitos ymmärrän nyt :)


They will come :-)

(viro / norja / ruotsi -- lower case for the language, upper case for the country)

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