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  5. "Puput etsivät salaattia."

"Puput etsivät salaattia."

Translation:The bunnies are looking for lettuce.

July 9, 2020



Hopefully there are lesson tips added about plurals. I was curious when in the course we'd get to that topic


Something that might help now already: The suffix for plural in Finnish is -t, so finally something that doesn't come in ten different forms :D Pupu -> puput, kissa -> kissat (cat), koira -> koirat (dog) and so on.

What changes, then, is that some words can't just have the t there without changing something from the middle, e.g. ihminen -> ihmiset (human) - often -nen becomes -set. Trickier is then words with the letter s in them, e.g. vesi -> vedet (water)- and s often becomes d, but that still doesn't mean it's gonna look exactly the same in every word with s, e.g. kausi -> kaudet (season), kuusi -> kuuset (spruce), kuusi -> kuudet (six)...

And another thing is of course how different cases work with the plurals, those have often even more changes to the words themselves, but I think this is enough for now.


Thanks! Very helpful.


Would The rabbits are looking for lettuce be accepable?


Yes. "Pupu" is a pet rabbit, a "kani".


I'm having a difficult time writing the words, with all the accents ¨ ¨ and stuff, is there a place where we can practice that?


They are not accents, they are different letters from the ones without dots. So don't think of them as variations on a and o, just learn the words are they are.

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