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"Akku on melkein loppu; missä laturi on?"

Translation:The battery is almost dead; where is the charger?

July 9, 2020



I chose "the battery is almost finished" but that was also rejected. I think all correct answers should be accepted. Rejecting "empty" or "finished" as the wrong answer is not the right thing to do in an exercise intended to assess Finnish comptehension!


Just to chip in as a UK bred native english speaker, YMMV but clearly all of empty, dead, low and flat should be acceptable variations.


I used "gone" instead of "dead" and it too was rejected. I don't think "loppu" literally means "dead", so why be so strict on the translation?


how would the literal translation of "something is dead" work in finnish? would it sound weird to use that same expression in finnish as well or is "loppu" the most common or only way to describe it? :)


Kuolla, "to die" would be the verb used for the death of a living thing. The simplest way would be, "se kuoli", it died.


Like the Nowegoan blue?


How about "The battery has almost no power"?


As a native English speaker I disagree with okapia. Virtually everyone, at least in the US, uses "dead battery" to refer to either a drained rechargeable one, or dry cells that have run out of power. The former gets recharged, the latter get discarded.


It is not an English lesson, after all. Please accept all the expressions which make sense at least to some people. I find 'dead' a strange expression here as well.


Well, it's a perfectly normal way of describing a flat, empty, exhausted or low battery or accumulator - as Damien noted earlier.

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