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"Voi ei, akku on taas loppu. Onko sinulla laturia?"

Translation:Oh no, the battery is dead again. Do you have a charger?

July 9, 2020



"the battery is again dead" should also be accepted.


why laturia rather than laturi here?


In questions where the existence of the questioned item is uncertain, the partitive is needed.

From the recently published tips, https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fi/tech/tips-and-notes:

"Onko sinulla puhelin? Do you have a phone (with you)?" The speaker knows you have a phone, but not if you're currently carrying it.

"Onko sinulla puhelinta? Do you have a phone (at all)?"


I think that "the battery is empty again" should be accepted as well. Something being "dead again" sounds a bit funny to me (even if it's a battery), especially as a formal-ish translation. :D


That's how it's said in English.


Is "the battery is drained again" correct?


It should be; if it is not accepted, report it. "Loppu" implies that the battery is used up or has run out.

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