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"The whole family is looking for the reindeer."

Translation:Koko perhe etsii poroa.

July 9, 2020



In English, it could be one reindeer or more than one. We can't tell from that sentence. So it could be porot or poroa.


It can't be "porot" because that's in nominative case. The correct plural form in this instance is "poroja", which has a partitive case ending.


This sentence, it's not the nominative case because of the verb "etsii"?


Yes, because etsiä is a partitive verb. It's irresultive. Searching doesn't always lead to a result, finding. Yrittää is another. Trying doesn't always succeed.


Also, I don't think there can be such a thing as an object in nominative case, although accusative case can be identical to nominative case in some instances. In other instances it's identical to genitive case when it's applied to anything other than personal pronouns. Personal pronouns always have a -t ending in accusative case.

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