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"¿Cuáles son los problemas de la sociedad de hoy?"

Translation:What are the problems of today's society?

May 14, 2013



What's wrong with "of society today"


It might be because it doesn't somehow incorporate the "de" in "de hoy". Dropping that "de" changes the meaning slightly, not much, but Duo's a bit picky about it.


gussieroth, I agree with you. "society today" is how we would say it in English, so I don't know why that's not a correct response.


There may be a slight difference in the two, but it is very very sutle. Try writing them side by side and maybe you will see what i mean.


sociedad de hoy = today's society (society of today)


This is an example of the Spanish possessive.

For possession, we say "today's society." But Spanish says "Sociedad de hoy?

That's just the way it is. And you need to learn it.

In English, it is usually much better to say "today's society" than it is to say "society of today." We might say the rather uncommon "society of today" for emphasis.

To create emphasis, we often change the normal sentence structure. It works precisely because it is a deviation from the normal. Also, in speech, we also use intonation to reinforce emphasis.


I put "What are society's problems today?" and it wasn't accepted. I don't see why not...


Still not accepted July '18. Probably the best answer. Reporting.


What are the problems in today's society??


Can someone tell me what is wrong with "what are the problems of the society of today"? I could see this question being posed by a teacher when comparing societies of different eras and/or locations.


I completely agree. I was thinking the same thing when i was reading it. You coukd say it like it literally translates, the sentence is just longer with less conjugations. But it still makes sense


"What are today's society's problems?" This is what I was suppose to answer??? I have never seen concurrent possessives?


I put "What are today's societal problems".
"Today's society's problems" is not really good. Yes, having two possessives together generally should, and can, be avoided.

However, mine also not accepted. I reported it.



what are the problems of society today is perfectly acceptable in English. Also, one could us "in" in place of "of " and it would still be fine.


how can you tell .. which "de" + ____ will be the subject? what are the society problems nowdays / of today


I usually translate literally in my head "what are the problems of society of today", then rearrange to make it sound more natural, in this case, there are 2 options I can see. "What are today's society's problems", "what are the problems of today's society" and I just choose the one that I prefer, which would be the 2nd one in this case.


In Spanish, you have to focus on the verb, the first thing, when doing that analysis. it will tell you the person. From that you work out the subject... and pretty much else will be "predicado".


Society of tday should be accepted. July 1, 2014


Did you report it?


english speakers: why is it wrong if i use which here insead of what?


We use "what" more frequently than "which", as far as I know if there is a known limited set of things to choose from we use "which", if you're asking a general question "What" is more commonly used. However, someone might have a better explanation than me, since I know I probably just say whatever sounds better to me.


what are the problems for society today? I don't see a problem with that


What is wrong with "what are the societal problems of today?". Duo did not accept it


In the speaking exercise, son had to be omitted before it was accepted as correct. Also in the audio son is only barely discernable. So in speech son is dropped?


No, the "son" is not dropped. Duo has problems with the audio/speech exercises, it's not very accurate, so don't always rely on it. Sometimes I accidentally mess up while I'm saying the sentence but it counts it right and other times I say it perfectly but it still marks me as wrong. If you want to know how something sounds you can try asking a native speaker you know.


Lol, very true. The spoken exercises do the same thing to me. Even if confused about a word, Google translator would be another option to hearing the words, although it would be very similar to the translation on DL. Just if you don't have a hispanic friend that you want to ask to translate ;)


society today is an equally good translation.


What are the societal problems of today? was marked incorrect.


I played this several times and I still swear he said "dos problemas"


Today's society equals modern society


Lots of English variations to this that would be correct

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