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  5. "Jee! Minulla on oma koti!"

"Jee! Minulla on oma koti!"

Translation:Yay! I have a home of my own!

July 9, 2020



Why i cant put Yay! I have my own home?


I wrote that and it was accepted. Oct. 31st 2020


It didn't took it for me. 5.8.2021


When I was in Finland (about 40 years ago) an oma koti was a detached, single family dwelling, that is, not a rivi talo/townhouse or an asunto. Has that changed? Can an oma koti be what Americans call a condominium (basically, an owned apartment)?


Oh, that's an "omakotitalo". "Oma koti" just refers to a person's home and has nothing to do with the building in question. If someone lived in a tent, they'd still call that their "oma koti". :)

omakotitalo - a detached house

rivitalo - row house, terraced house

paritalo - a duplex, semi-detached house

kerrostalo - apartment building, block of flats


Why is there no pronoun of ownership before "oma"? And i suppose to know from the the addesive case?


"Oma" by itself already means one's own. The exact person depends on the sentence (in this sentence, "my own" is appropriate)


Shady_arc! So happy to see you learning (and successfully, by the looks of it) Finnish :-) Thanks for all the Russian over the years!

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