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"– What are you eating? – Kissel."

Translation:– Mitä te syötte? – Kiisseliä.

July 9, 2020



Why can't i say "sinä" instead of "te"? The English doesn't distinguish, so how would we ever know?


You can! Did you also use the correct form of the verb (syöt), then? If you did, and reported your rejected answer using the flag, it should be added sooner or later by the course volunteers.


You can, and you're right, you wouldn't know. I have added it to the accepted translations.


Please, add "Mitä sinä syöt?" to correct answers, because "What are you eating" in English refers to you singular and you plural, and there is no way to know what it is without context, like here.


When Duolingo doesn't underline anything, it's hard to tell why it's marked an answer incorrect. I entered "Mitä syöt? Kisselliä" and it marked it wrong, so I reported it. I only realized after I had reported it, that I had spelled "Kiisseliä" wrong. So, if that's why it was marked wrong and not because I used "syöt" instead of "syötte," my apologies to whoever has to deal with the reports.


And by the way, do finns eat kissel with their fingers?? We still haven't got "spoon"

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