"La nouvelle factrice est un peu effrayante."

Translation:The new mail carrier is a little scary.

July 9, 2020

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New Postwoman?


Yes - definitely not a "mail carrier" - at the very least a femail carrier (sorry - had to be done!) ;-)


Very good pun this one! :o)


Yes 'new postwoman'


new postal worker?


Postal worker is perfect. Thanks for suggesting it.


Postal worker is a bit general. That includes everyone working in the warehouses, bulk transportation, or management. This sentence is referring to the one who delivers the mail to you, who yes are postal workers but there surely is a more specific term.


Sorry about the redundant post. Yours hadn't come up on my screen yet.


An American postal worker actually works in the post office itself and is not a mail carrier.


Postal workers are everyone employed by the postal service in all job functions. All mail carriers are postal workers. Not all postal workers are mail carriers.


The opposite necessarily being a prewoman. :-)


But duolingo doesn't accept it.


What is a mail carrier? A lorry or van?


I think it's a donkey with a saddlebag!


Or a motor scooter?


Postlady in my part of England


Hi Barbara. We just say 'postie'. Perhaps we are just lazy or don't want to risk assuming the wrong gender. :-)


ditto but it was rejected!


Absolutely Barbara, post lady is more gentile! But not for Duo it seems!


In the uk a postmistress would be a lady who runs a small rural sub post office and would not deliver mail herself


Mail carrier is not British English


If a 'facteur' is a mail man then factrice is 'mail lady' Even Americans don't say mail carrier. You have to get with it guys!


Surely post woman or post lady? We don't have mail carriers in English??


Maybe you meant "in England." We do have mail carriers (in English) in the US and in Canada. I expect post lady is accepted as a correct answer. If it is not, use the Report feature to suggest it. Hundreds of identical comments accomplish nothing. Reports will get valid translations added to the list.


What on earth is a "mail carrier"? Is it North American as it certainly isn't British? It's disappointing when Duo doesn't have native speakers checking these big courses.


Has nobody else noticed that "un peu" is masculine and "effrayante" is feminine?

I assume that this is the correct agreement (since "un peu" is acting as an adverb and not as a noun) and that this is not an error?


You assumed correctly, but I understand what you mean. It IS strange when you think that an article and a masculine noun combine to become an adverb modifying a feminine adjective.


But it's not a frightening little, it's a frightening postie.


Exactly, but did you figure out why the adjective didn't modify the noun to which it is (or at least appears to be) attached?


I'm not that analytically inclined, just thought it was obvious. However I would be grateful, since you have done the thinking, to hear your explanation.


Looks like Gord has posted the answer! :-)


Postman / post woman in UK would be most commonly used terms


A mail carrier sounds like a vehicle or a mail delivery for me


The new postman is a little scary - a much better answer from a Brit's point of view



The French uses the feminine version of the term, factrice instead of facteur, but we definitely have female "postmen" here in the UK...

I can see where they're coming from in refusing it, but...


I keep forgetting I have to use American English - it's a toil of a pleasure today and that's not mentioning the French!!


Hi Jane. I had to look that expression up: 'Don't make a toil of a pleasure'. Thanks. I like it.


Does it mean that she's easily scared by scary stuff, or that she scares people?


I think if she were easily scared, they would need the French equivalent of "frightened" not scary.


why not 'mail lady' ?


"Mailwoman" was accepted for me.


I've tried postal worker and post lady, which appear to be unacceptable; no wonder la factrice is a little bit scary, she has to be to survive all these titles!


She scared my dog.


Post lady should have been accepted. Female form of post man


Very poor translation of post lady. Get with English too please Duo, not just Americanisms


We in Australia just say 'the postie'


I really wanted to say postie but i knew Duo wanted mail carrier.


I vote for universal acceptance of the gender neutral, politically correct, good old Aussie term Postie. All in favour?


the new postmistress


"The new postwoman is a bit scary." Accepted.


the new postwoman is a little scary. is accepted


In North America, the trend is to rid vocabulary of terms revealing gender since the gender of a person is largely unimportant to performing most roles. Therefore, mailman is considered a sexist term and here, in Canada, has been officially replaced by mail carrier; postal workers are those who work in post offices, mail transport and sorting facilities. We used to use actor and actress but actress has faded away and males and females now are all actors. Airline stewards and stewardesses, familiarly known as space waitresses or trolley dollies, are now the sexless flight attendants and waiters and waitresses are now servers. But the French have seen fit to march in the opposite direction by taking a single term applied to both men and women equally and making a masculine and feminine form seemingly to appear more inclusive. Interesting!


Hi Gord. 'Mail carrier' sounds like a vehicle to me, not a person, but I understand that you use that term. I must ask my Canadian friend here in Australia about that. She has lived here for 30 years, but regularly (pre covid) goes back to Canada to visit her family and to polish up her Canadian! We use the genderless term 'posties'. We are with you with actors and flight attendants but I would never use the word 'servers' for waiters. It sounds like some sort of robot, like a computer server. We just use 'waiter' in the same way as 'actor'.


It does take some time to become used to new terms when you have been using the old ones for well over half a century. I'm now used to 'mail carrier' although I still find 'mailman' escaping my lips from time to time. You can Google 'mail carrier Canada' to see the government's Canada Post website listing jobs available and salaries for 'mail carriers.' Postie is a good term. It even has a feeling of endearment to it.


Is a mail carrier a post man / woman ??


Where the new term has been adopted to satisfy political correctness, as is the case here in Canada, mail carrier can refer to a postman, mailman or mail lady. When I was young, I never saw a female delivering mail; they always worked indoors in a post office or sorting plant. I gather this was similar in Britain. My British friends tell me a postman delivers the mail but a postmistress receives it. Thankfully, attitudes have changed over the decades.


Lacking in political correctness as it is, la factrice is nevertheless not gender-neutral! Post woman is correct! It is differentiated from facteur which is masculine. Post woman should not have been marked incorrect.


'The new postlady...' please. Reporting.


In England we do not have mail carries. We have postmen and post ladies

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