I just finished the Dutch tree. Hoera to myself !!! [see disclaimer]

But really the hoera's go to KaiEngel, Lavinae, Kirlll, Rhynn and MrsKwakker for being the incubators we need if not deserve. Their writings seem to me to be a characteristically Dutch, if I can be forgiven the stereotype, mixture of warmth, gentle humour, and a charmingly bizarre perspective on the world. Fittingly, I conquered the tree with the expression de uitjes kwamen in opstand - the little pieces of onion rose up (...against their herring overlords?). Although nothing will ever replace hij zit in een relatie met een weegschaal - he is in a relationship with a pair of scales.

They not only did a fine job, they did it all much faster than anyone had a right to ask for. Gefeliciteerd en bedankt.

Disclaimer; I lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years so this course has been a refresher rather than an introduction. I was able to test out of many skills, always looking at the word list. Combined with an unhealthy surfeit of free time I was able to go faster than a sensible person would go if they were learning the language from scratch.

August 6, 2014


Gefeliciteerd! Roughly at two thirds of the tree I can only agree with what you said. I just love the numerous witty sentences. Next to that I think the quality of the course is amazing. Mistakes are so rare and the structure of the tree (order of the lessons) seems to be well thought out (I can't really judge because I'm a native Dutch speaker).

My favourite sentence so far, is: "De advocaat heeft het gedaan omdat hij van mij houdt." (The lawyer has done it because he loves me.) BTW, I can't wait to get the onion sentence myself. :)

"Het uitjes kwamen in opstand" Haha, that's genius :) (Just note that it should probably be 'de uitjes' since uitjes is plural and all plurals are paired with 'de', even though all diminuitives use 'het' (plurality overrides diminuitive-ness)) I love it when courses use fun sentences like that! gefeliciteerd met het afmaken van je boom!

You're right! Thanks. I changed it.

I just had "de uitjes kwamen in opstand" (love your addition ... against their herring overlords, haha!) and it stumped me for a minute because I thought maybe it was one of the myriad nonsensical sayings you have to learn when you learn Dutch. :)

i got used to their style and came to expect it. Another classic from today: Hoeveel hersenen heeft een beer? How many brains does a bear have?

Congratulates. Did you reset your progress? I don't see Dutch flag among others beside your name.

It's a known glitch. Look at the post below this in the Dutch discussion forum.

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