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I just finished the Dutch tree. Hoera to myself !!! [see disclaimer]

But really the hoera's go to KaiEngel, Lavinae, Kirlll, Rhynn and MrsKwakker for being the incubators we need if not deserve. Their writings seem to me to be a characteristically Dutch, if I can be forgiven the stereotype, mixture of warmth, gentle humour, and a charmingly bizarre perspective on the world. Fittingly, I conquered the tree with the expression de uitjes kwamen in opstand - the little pieces of onion rose up (...against their herring overlords?). Although nothing will ever replace hij zit in een relatie met een weegschaal - he is in a relationship with a pair of scales.

They not only did a fine job, they did it all much faster than anyone had a right to ask for. Gefeliciteerd en bedankt.

Disclaimer; I lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years so this course has been a refresher rather than an introduction. I was able to test out of many skills, always looking at the word list. Combined with an unhealthy surfeit of free time I was able to go faster than a sensible person would go if they were learning the language from scratch.

4 years ago