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New updates to the Portuguese tree!

We've made some updates to the Portuguese tree that will improve the learning experience for all of you. You'll notice that skills with 11 or more lessons were shortened to no more than 10 per skill, and some infrequently used words were removed and replaced with more useful vocabulary. Since we count words a little differently now, some members may find that their word count has changed too (don't be alarmed!). These changes should improve the learning experience and help increase your language retention over time.

These updates will be available over the next few hours. As always, please let us know what you think!

May 14, 2013



There is still no microphone exercices for the portuguese tree.


Que légal! Obrigado :D


thank u all for the work you've done


Has the module order in the tree changed? I now have 2 modules which have a number of completed lessons yet there is a module which immediately precedes them in which I have not completed any lessons.


Yes, we've made some changes to the tree that will alter skills and how they appear in the tree.


Some skills may have an increase or decrease in the number of lessons, which alters what you've learned in a skill. We want to continue to evolve the tree and make the experience even better, so you may see this from time to time, but we'll always keep you in the loop.


Sadly I just started the subjunctive lessons and have noticed quite a few mistakes already. I guess the new lessons weren't proof read before being added.


Can you please make sure to report the mistakes, so the team can take a look? Thanks!


I'm using the iOS app. I haven't seen a way to report mistakes on the app.


You can report mistakes by going to the home screen and selecting 'feedback'. Send us an email with the report and a screenshot if you can. Thanks!


weeee more work

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