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  5. "The juice is right there."

"The juice is right there."

Translation:Mehu on tuossa.

July 9, 2020



Can someone please explain the difference between tässä/täällä and tuossa/tuolla? I'm so confused


"tässä" - (right) here, exactly in this spot, specific

"täällä" - (over) here, somewhere around here, less specific

"tuossa" - (right) there, exactly in that spot, specific

"tuolla" - (over) there, somewhere around there, less specific


From my understanding, -ssa means in/inside. And -lla is on/over


This is correct, but the cases often have more than one purpose and they might be used in a slightly different way than you might expect if you were working under the assumption that -ssa/ssä always translates to "in" and -lla/llä to "on" etc. :)


for this example, how should I have known it was mehu and mehua?


When the subject is preceded by the word "the", I'm not remembering any examples of the subject being put into anything except the nominative.

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