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A bad day for Duolingo

Today a) it's taking up to fifteen seconds to move from question to answer, or vice versa, b) the "ding" from a correct answer occurs only about a third of the time, c) the voice that reads the questions is delayed and its beginning is truncated, and d) the points graphs are missing dots and lines.

It's not my computer. All other websites and applications respond quickly and correctly. D'oh!

August 6, 2014



a)Well, they must have changed the Javascript code (I see the CPU usage spike -- in IE11 at least it's unusable, and that browser is usually very fast -- I am using Firefox Portable for this site alone to make it (relatively) usable. I'm a programmer, maybe I could help them fix this? b) In my case it always works on both IE and FF c) That might be your browser's fault or Flash Player's. Do you use Windows 8? (I guess 7 is OK too). In both IE11 and FF these things work just fine. d) They appear correctly (or reasonably since I've never seen the older way, I've signed in today (yesterday if you're in GMT+2 or on) :) )


I experienced all of the problems with Chrome on Ubuntu Linux and IE 11 on Windows 8.1. I'm not having the problems today, which also suggests that the fault is not with my computers.

I've been a professional programmer since 1981. I'm not hugging this tar baby. :)


Still unusable in IE11/Desktop now, the translation section. In Firefox it works better... The only reason I'm not really using Firefox as the main browser... is not being able to properly sync data -- I've lost some already! For some reason the Metro app works much better (wtf? and I once stopped using it! ❤❤❤❤❤❤!) Metro IE11 works just as well as Firefox, if only I could disable autocorrect (even though I disabled it system-wide, it seems like that setting doesn't actually work)


The practice button now seems to have gone for a walk :(


Yeah... Is it missing on the words tab too? (Right now I'm on my own language's variant, improving my English skills -- I'm on 4 languages now -- improving from lvl 9 on English, 3 or 4 on French and just started in two others :))

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