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"En halua häiritä, mutta osaatko sanoa, missä lippu on?"

Translation:I do not want to disturb, but do you know where the ticket is?

July 9, 2020



Should be "I do not want to disturb you,..."


Osatko sanoa = can you

[deactivated user]

    Did you report it? That is the only way to attract the attention of language developers. Putting it here, might, or might not, have the desired effect. Just to be sure I will report it too.


    I agree, should be "I do not want to disturb you" would sound more natural.


    Why is the word 'sanoa ' in the sentence?


    "osaatko sanoa" - lit. "can you (do you know how to) say"


    Or can you tell me. Don't you think?


    "missä lippu on".. this part should be "where is the ticket". atleast similar structure of sentences was always held as correct ones in previous lessons/quizzes. Why it is now not accepting this as a correct answer?


    By itself, 'Missä lippu on?' is a direct question, and direct questions in English have the verb precede the subject. Thus "Where is the ticket?"

    In sentences like 'Osaatko sanoa missä lippu on?' and 'Haluan tietää missä lippu on', missä lippu on is an indirect question. In English indirect questions, the verb follows the subject. Thus "I want to know where the ticket is."


    'I don't want to disturb, but can you tell where the ticket is' is wrong?


    Why is osaatko sanoa here mean? Isn't sanoa means say?

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