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"Pitkä suomalainen laulaa tangoa."

Translation:The tall Finn is singing a tango.

July 10, 2020



"singing a tango" doesn't make sense. "Singing a tango song" or "singing tango"makes sense.


Maybe this one was intended to be "The tall Finn is dancing a tango". It doesn't make real sense as it is.


A strange sentence, even given our limited vocabulary. Not funny or interesting, just strange


It doesnt make sense to sing a tango. You dance the tango, not sing it. The sentece is confusing in general, let alone to learners. This being said, I agree with others that the sentence was probably intended to be Pitkä suomalainen tanssii tangoa, and not laulaa tangoa.


Sure it does make sense to sing a tango. Carlos Gardel, an Argentine singer made many records, most of which were tangoes. Some American songs are tangos like Kiss of Fire which is set to the tango known as el Choclo. Even the great Argentine writer Borjes wrote a few tangos.


You dance the tango. This is like saying you sing the waltz.


Tango is danced following the rhythm of music, which is also called... tango. And it has vocals. So you can both dance and sing it.

Tango is quite popular in Finland, and there are plenty of tango singers. There's even a yearly festival, Seinäjoen tangomarkkinat, which has a song contest with winners being names tangokuningas (Tango king) and tangokuningatar (Tango queen).


Look, I’m dancing a jazz.


It has been said that if you watched Theonius Monk's feet wile he played jazz on the piano you would see that he danced as he played.


Tango is the name of the rhythm, the dance, and the style. Jazz is only the name of the style. So you have to say 'I am doing jazz dance'

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