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"S'il vous plaît, réfléchissez-y."

Translation:Please consider it.

July 10, 2020



Could someone remind me why "y" is here and not "en"?


Note that the adverbial pronoun Y replaces "à + thing". The adverbial pronoun EN replaces "de + thing". So here you need Y.

Réfléchir is generally followed by the preposition à. Consider, for example, je vais réfléchir à une solution (I'm going to reflect on a solution).

If you just want to say "I'm going to reflect on it" then you would say Je vais y réfléchir.

In your example, it's the imperative mood (with implied vous):

Think on it - Réfléchissez-y (which repressents Réfléchissez à cela.)


please reflect - not accepted????

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