"Marc ne mange que des escargots au petit déjeuner."

Translation:Marc only eats snails for breakfast.

July 10, 2020

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i live on the west coast of Canada and have usually heard escargots referred to as escargots-not snails which I think refers to all kinds of snails not the edible kind? I was marked wrong for using the word escargots-just wondering if I should report? any ideas-thanks


Imo yes - it's correct and standard in English to use the French-derived words when we're talking about animals served as food, as opposed to live animals.


Can you say 'pour le petit dejeuner' ?


Why "ne mange que" here......can it be translated as "Marc mange seulement des escargots au petit dejeuner.


Why not "pour petit dejeuner?


Is this saying that the only time he eats snails is at breakfast or that the only thing he eats for breakfast is snails?

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