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  5. "Hänellä on pieni radio."

"Hänellä on pieni radio."

Translation:He has a small radio.

July 10, 2020



How about "to have got" something. I would assume it should be accepted, as it even was accepted in other lessons already.

[deactivated user]

    Yes. "He's got a small radio" is British English.


    Why not allow for a singular they? he/she/they instead of just he/she?


    While the singular "they" is a perfectly valid alternative to "he" and "she", it's not recognised as such in this course for pedagogical purposes, as it would lead to confusion among some learners about the grammatical number of the Finnish equivalent. An exception seems to be made for possessive pronouns, however, since for example the default English translation given for "Kenellä on oma poni?" is "Who has a pony of their own?". This is presumably because the risk of causing a misunderstanding with the singular "they" is far lesser when the verb can be singular.

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