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  5. "He needs his medicine."

"He needs his medicine."

Translation:Hij heeft zijn medicijnen nodig.

August 6, 2014



Does "medicine" have to be plural?


No it doesn't, you can also have one medicijn.


Ah, okie doke. I haven't had to translate it to Dutch yet, so I wasn't sure if it would be accepted. Thanks!


Obviously the next question is: 'de medicijn' or 'het medicijn'? What do you think? ;-)


Well, Duolingo uses "het," so that's what I'll use. I never know what to think when I see "de en het" on the site I use to find out whether a word is a de or het word.


Both can indeed be used for 'medicijn'! That's why I asked, there was no wrong answer! :-)

'Het medicijn' does sound a lot more Dutch, so I like your pick of sticking with 'het'! Good job!


Duo marked me wrong for 'de medicijn' but right for 'het medicijn'


Why "hij heeft zijn medicijn nodig" is not accepted?


It's correct. I think they just haven't added it as an accepted translation yet. Report it if you haven't. :)


Is "Hij heeft zijn medicatie nodig" not correct?

[deactivated user]

    Medicine is one type of medicine with a unknown amount. Medicines are different types of medicine. In het Nederlands is dat allebei medicijnen. Als iemand verschillende soorten medicijnen nodig heeft is dat in het Engels "He needs his medicines."

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