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"I do not want that they melt."

Translation:En halua, että ne sulavat.

July 10, 2020



"Minä en halua..." should also be accepted


"I do not want that they melt" is an awkwardly worded statement.


I don't want them to melt. "I do not want that they melt." is awkward and weird


The question is not correct english


Definitely awkward English. No one would ever say it that way.

"I don't want them to melt" would be what people would say.

However, if you want to sound EXTREMELY formal, you could also say, "I don't want that they should melt." That totally works, but it sounds super fancy.


This more direct translation from Finnish really helps me to learn better. I wish they had a direct translation of the sentence alongside the normal translation.


This is Finglish again. The correct phrasing is "I do not want them to melt".


It is weird English, but is the Finnish construction correct?


Concur, should be: "I do not want them to melt."


I have noticed on several occasions that phrases of this kind in Finnish are given a very literal English translation. The natural way of expressing the meaning in English is to say "I do not want them to melt". The phrase "I do not want that they melt" is not something that would ever be spoken or written in English.


I agree the English is not correct. It should be 'I do not want them to melt.'


It's worded like that so that it's easier for us to get the correct wording in Finnish. This is an English learning Finnish course not the other way round


The problems is, when one has to translate from Finnish, very few people would come up with a grammatically wrong translation. Grammar should be correct in both languages, otherwise it is a guessing games “how one can butcher the language to get the right answer in DL”


Oh well if it doesn't accept "I don't want them to melt" as an answer then yeah it should do. But when translating English to Finnish I think it's okay for the grammar on the English side to be a bit dodgy if it helps us figure out the Finnish.

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